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B.A.P. Live on Earth Dallas Show Screwup… a Fan Account


So I am writing this fan account of the BAP LIVE ON EARTH 2014 DALLAS SHOW to make people aware of what happened to my friends and I. When Powerhouse announced that they were hiding 100 hi touch passes in the albums of B.A.P.s “First Sensibility” album we were excited because that meant anyone who pre ordered the album had the chance to win the hi touch event. For those of you who don’t know, a hi touch event at a kpop show allows you the opportunity to hi five the members of the group! We are ALL B.A.P stans so we were excited to have to chance.

At exactly midnight the day of the show, Powerhouse sent out an email that said that the hi touch event was being moved to BEFORE the show and to “Stay tuned for more details!” This struck us as odd because every kpop event that we have ever been to had hi touch events immediately AFTER the show but we figured that powerhouse wouldn’t have changed the details of the event without taking into consideration the number of people going to the show who also ordered merchandise so we weren’t worried.


We arrived at the venue early and while there were two separate lines and when we asked we were told there was no distinction between the two. We stood outside for what felt like forever and doors opened at 7. Once inside it was a madhouse because there were so many people. There are two lines again, one for people who pre ordered merchandise and one for people just trying to buy merchandise. Even thought we lined up mere MOMENTS after getting inside the line to pick up pre ordered merch the line was so long it wrapped around to the back of the lobby and went to the middle of the line again. At one point, it was so packed that the pre order line and the purchasing lines merged.  We stood in line waiting patiently and as the time was drawing nearer to the show, people assured us that they would most likely push back the time for the concert to accommodate for them still passing out merch so we waited. Finally at 8 pm (when the show was supposed to start) we were close enough to see that only ONE PERSON was passing out the pre ordered merch. He then made a small separate line as we were standing there for people who pre ordered the cd. We could hear the music and fans screaming for the show about to start and at this point many fans abandoned the lines to get to their seats.  We were so close (Only two people ahead of us) so we decided to just get them. I had pre ordered two cds and when I opened my album I almost screamed because I had one of the hi touch passes. As each of my friends opened theirs, they too ALL had passes inside their albums. When we asked the staff member who was passing out cds what to do he said “Sorry that’s already over”.

Excuse me? I won a pass to something you had as I was waiting for my cd? I went to talk to ANOTHER staff member who, by this time, had come to help pass out merch and he said there was nothing he could do cause “Its over and the members have to do the show”. I asked to speak to a manager or someone (Keep in mind, the show is literally about to start) and he said he would contact someone after he got through the line.  Then he changed that to he would contact someone (a higher up I assume) AFTER the show and to hold on to our passes. 

We go to the show and it was great…. B.A. P put on an amazing performance.  After the show we approached the Verizon theater staff about our passes and they directed us to security. Security then directed us to the venue manager who said there wasn’t anything he could do that “We just do as we are told by the management of the group”. He then directed us BACK to the people at the merch table. When we went to talk to the he told us to wait till he was through clearing people from his line (people who had preordered merch but abandoned it to get to their seats in time for the show).  So we waited and waited and waited till we were literally the LAST PEOPLE in the venue besides staff. It is at this point we were asking what was going to be done about the fact that we won hi touch passes and that we were basically being given the run around and the guy and girl who were there (The girls name was Jess and the guy refused to give me his name) said that the band had already left (which we later found out was a COMPLETE LIE, as we saw them leaving the venue as we left), that they don’t give refunds as it was not their “policy” and that they couldn’t do anything. The girl, Jess, said she would try to contact someone while the guy was telling us (while she was on the phone) that there were announcements made on the Facebook page (which is complete lie) and that he couldn’t do anything about us missing that info. YES… he tried to put the blame on us. At one point while the girl was on the phone my friend (who speaks Korean) said she said to whomever was on the phone “Yeah… it’s this issue again”. Apparently we were NOT the only ones who missed the hi touch event.  When Jess the staff member got off the phone she said, “Yeah I’m sorry but we can’t do anything”. When my one friend said, “How are you going to fix this? Since we were sold cds on the premise of possibly getting something, getting it, and then being told oh well?” and the guy said, “Well…. Did you enjoy the show?”.  My friend said “Yeah… but that doesn’t have anything to do with the predicament we are in… since we won something, we ALL won something, and we’re being told “Too bad”. We asked if we could trade our albums that we bought for the signed ones since they were the exact same price and he said “No we aren’t going to do that” and that we could email powerhouse at their generic email address.  Finally after staying behind more than an hour and talking for more than an hour even after that, the guy finally managed to scrounge up an email address for us, but he made it pretty clear that he was just doing it to shut us up.

I’m putting this out there so that everyone at future shows for this tour know that EVEN if you DO win the hi touch event, you may not get it and you wont be given any form of resolution. It was completely within Powerhouses ability to control this event and they opted to just let the chips fall where they may. I have never had a more discouraging or upsetting Kpop concert/ event experience and I hope to alert other fans to the potential disappointment at their events too. PLEASE share this so that others are aware. 

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